e3 project

The e3 project (eTwinning partnerships – evolution, in Hungarian: eTwinning együttműködések – evolúció) aims at creating an eTwinning professional workshop, continuous mentoring of participants and developing good practice and project plans in eTwinning. The project will be announced as a competition and the best participants will be prized for their performance. One of the main targets of the project is to initiate collaboration among the participants with the result of creating project plans that can be useful for the whole eTwinning community.


All active Hungarian teachers could submit their project ideas or project plans at a competition announced in January 2012. Based on their submitted materials 15 teachers were selected by a professional jury, who can participate in the coming events of the project.


Start workshop
The participants of e3 project had a professional gathering in March 2012, where they could meet each other and present their eTwinning project plans. The aim of the workshop was to initiate exchanging ideas and good practice among teachers in order to further develop their eTwinning project plans. Each participant was helped by a mentor during the whole project work.


Each participant is required to run a professional blog for at least 6 months about eTwinning and about their project ideas, with one post written per week. The professional blogs are public to all Hungarian eTwinners.


Project participants were attend the adapted and accredited Hungarian version of the Intel Teach Essentials Course delivered by Educatio Nonprofit LLC.


Summer school
Two-day summer school provided a possibility for the teachers and their mentors to meet again and work on whole group and small group workshops.


From summer to autumn the teachers worked out their eTwinning project ideas and project plans in details, which will be proofread and then published in an official electronic publication.


Project participants will be present on the Hungarian PDW in autumn 2012 as presenters and eTwinners. This event is offer them the possibility to find project partners and start a project based on their developed project plans.


Results of the e3 project will be presented on the Sulinetwork Conference organised by Educatio Nonprofit LLC, where the participants will demonstrate their projects on workshops.